North Macon Church of Christ

Bringing First Century Christianity to Life Again

Come Grow With Us!
Works in Progress 
Have you seen the slogan "Work in Progress... God's not finished with me yet."?
Well, that's what we are - "Works in Progress" - not perfect, but being perfected, day by day, prayer by prayer.
We offer you Worship Services, Bible Studies and Christian Fellowship to help you on your way to heaven.
In our fellowship, when you share yourself, you will experience twice the joy and half the sorrow!
Hours of Worship & Bible Class
      SUN: 9:30 am - Bible Class; 10:30 am - Worship Services; 6:00 pm - Worship Services (Except every 1st Sunday)
1st SUN: 9:30 am - Bible Class; 10:30 am - Worship Services; Fellowship meal; 2nd Service at 1 pm. No 6 pm service.
      WED: 7:00 pm - Bible Class
What to Expect When You Visit

A Cappella Music
Vocal music only. We believe that the perfect instrument for praising God is "the golden harp", that is, our own vocal chords.

Weekly serving of the Lord's Supper. Communion, intended for baptized believers, is offered every week during the worship services on Sunday. 

About Contributions 
Free-will offerings are only requested of our members. We give in the measure that God has prospered us.